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This is a good time to get prepared for the coming Hurricane season.  You should have a kit and plan for your family and for your pet. The Lake County Humane Society has put together a brochure for you.  Please take a moment to look at it as it may save your pet's life! Click on the title above to download the brochure.

Get a Kit - you can easily make a kit with the list provided here.  Click on the link. 

Household Hazards -
Foods: You might want to think twice before feeding Fido from your own table.  Many food items that are good for you can be harmful or deadly to your dogs.

□ Coffee grounds                          □ grapes/raisins
□ Chocolate                                   □ Onions
□ Yeast Dough                               □ Tea
□ Macadamia Nuts                       □ Alcohol
□ Fatty Foods                                  □ Salt
□ Avocado                                     □ Garlic
□ Chewing Gum, candy and breath fresheners containing Xylitol

The ASPCA has compiled a more complete listHERE.  You might know some and will certainly be surprised by others.

Cleaning Products:
Be very careful using cleaning products.  Read the label carefully, and follow instructions.  Avoid letting your dogs and cats walk on freshly cleaned floors when still wet.  Some items may cause stomach upset, drooling, vomiting or diarrhea if swallowed.  Secure all cleaning products in a safe, location, out of the reach of your pets and children.

Again, read and follow instructions.  On a personal note, I used a Bug Spray around a door frame in my house.  I have an older dog who tends to lick the floor when bored.  The floors were dry but must have carried some residue of the insecticide.  He licked the floor and at 5am the next morning he started having seizures.  I cannot confirm that this is what caused the seizures but I am MUCH more careful when I use any insecticide in the house or the yard. I was lucky and he fully recovered in 2 weeks time. 

Medicines that are available for human use can cause severe problems for your pets.  Be sure you have your veterinarians okay before you give any medications to your pets.  The following can make your pet very sick.

□ non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin,ibuprofen or naproxen
□ acetaminophen             □ diet pills                     □ antihistamines
□ cold medicines               □ vitamins                     □ antidepressants
□ prescription drugs

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