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Glad my dog trainer recommended Paws & Effect. She expressed her highest regards for their professional staff, so I made an appointment and happy that Paws & Effect surpassed her compliments. Ben (Great Pyrenees pup) has a double coat and a lot of energy, so bathing and grooming him is quite a task. They do an outstanding job! Besides being happy with the grooming, also grateful for their patience with Ben, for the break times and play times he is given. It is a comfort to trust that Paws & Effect treat Ben as one of their own.

Thank you, Paws & Effect, for all you do. Also, appreciate the time you take to answer my questions about grooming and products. Ben and I are quite happy to have found you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Vickie & Ben


My highest regards goes to Paws and Effects. I am completely pleased with the services that you provided to my friend, Reign. I have had Reign for almost a year and have tried several groomers from a mobile unit to a commercial chain. This is the first time that I have had zero complaints regarding her cut. Her cut was smooth, not choppy or spliced.

The shop owners are knowledgeable about the types of cuts and needs that my special friend needed. The perks were not that bad either. Well, Reign over stayed her visit and couldn't wait to get home and take a long nap. As she slept, she certainly looked like the "Reigning" Princess she is!

Thanks Paws and Effect... see you real soon!

Mrs. Brown

I just wanted to let you know how happy I've been since bringing Andy to Paws & Effect.  He's been coming to you once a month for more than a year and we're very pleased with his care.  He's a happier dog and always looks his best!  Thank you!

Lois S.

We are so happy to have found you and I know our little Boy GIZMO is happy. He will run in the house to everyone ( like look at me ). It is so nice to have found you TWO WONDERFUL LADIES/ GROOMERS and be able to trust again.
We are in here for the long haul, we never like to jump around with our pets. The other place we had been there for many years. Then it was new owners bad service, not to mention poor little Gizmo looked like they had groomed him with a weed eater.
Thanks for the wonderful service!!!!!!!

Louise H.

I had never had my Yorkie groomed before, but decided to give it a shot when Paws & Effect came to town. I didn't want the "breed" cut, just a simple puppy cut. When I picked up Cowboy, he looked PERFECT!! Exactly what I wanted! AND he was happy, not shaking when I picked him up (sometimes he has anxiety). Natalie and Melissa were so accommodating and professional! Cowboy now gets regular Spa visits!! Thank you Melissa & Natalie!!

Missy Z.

I would like to compliment and highly recommend Paws and Effect on their service and professionalism.  I've taken my pets to grooming facilities for 25 years and must say this is the first salon that actually grooms the way you request. They do a wonderful job!  This is a top notch grooming salon!  Thanks Paws and Effect for making Parker welcome, comfortable and most of all gorgeous!

Kristi & Lauren M.

Thank you so much for the great job you did on Murphy and Madeline (Standard Poodles) they look and feel beautiful.  Murphy is so proud of his new look! You both are so caring  and professional.  Thanks again,  Jeannie

I have a Yorkie and a Maltese mix that the girls recently did...all I can say is that they did an awesome job and my dog's weren't all freaked out when I picked them up. I would highly recommend them to any and all of my friends.

Keep up the good work and I hope your business grows with leaps and bounds. Christopher C.

I just wanted to tell you that Mr Shuffie was very happy you took care of him. He smelled great ! He was the "cats meow " that day. He just wanted attention the rest of the day. Thank you so much for taking that extra time to make him feel comfy. That made me feel better too. See you soon.
Sandra L.

I’m beyond thrilled with the wonderful job you did on our little girl, Ms. Luci Lu, Maltipoo with an attitude.  From initial contact, to the actual first visit, I felt like you were already friends.  Luci’s cut was exactly right!  And Melissa, with my telling her what Luci hates done, such as face, tail, hiney, feet, handled her with great care & told me later it helped a lot to know what she does/doesn’t like.  I was blown away when Luci came out with an adorable set of Kelly green, dog bone printed bows with little white pearls, expertly attached to her ears!  I could not believe it, as my daughter & I have tried everything to put something either on her head or ears & she always manages to get them off.  She looked so cute, her nails were clipped & probably next time of third time we will try going for the clean foot look.  Luci is an incredibly sweet, loving girl who loves chasing lizards, bounding through every bush & weed on our property, returning to leap on our laps with doggie kisses.  She is truly a member of our family – a rescue who has returned our love tenfold.  We will be regulars from this point forward.  An amazingly wonderful experience.  Keep up the great work; you are the best!  Ladies, my hat’s off to you!
Susan S

You folks always do a superior job but your last grooming of Chloe was terrific, she looks GREAT!
Thank all of you for always "doing it right."
Bill, Sally and Chloe


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